St Kilda Film Festival

Few weeks ago I received an email offering up free tickets for RMIT students to the opening night of St Kilda Film Festival. I thought it was a relatively small thing, but boy was I wrong. I went last night with some fellow students and it was packed! For some reason Mitch and I managed to get really good tickets from the sales deskĀ and were seated in a pretty good spot, amongst quite a few recognised faces. It was really cool as I’ve never attended anything quite so prestigious before (why do I assume more well known peeps= more prestige…) ANYWAY, it sounds very cliche, but it truly felt like an honour to view films on an opening night for a festival, in such a beautiful place as the Palais.

The films that were shown were obviously awesome! I loved most of them for differing reasons such as the soundtrack or cinematography, but ‘Pink’ particularly stood out to me as I couldn’t quite work out what was going on, the film intrigued me and felt like I needed to piece parts of a puzzle together. I love films like that.


I did get a parking ticket, but even that couldn’t dampen a great night

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