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RWAV Radio Script:

Kerri: Hey guys, thanks for tuning in that was The Grapevine – you’re listening to Room With A View on 3RRR. I am your host, Kerri and here is my co-host, Ed.

Ed: Welcome to the show, it’s currently TIME and we’ve got a jam-packed program today. Make sure to stay tuned as we will be speaking to Women’s Longboard champion, Emma Webb to discuss sexism in female surfing and AFL Victoria’s Female Development Manager, Chyloe Kurdas, on the future of Women’s AFL.

Kerri: We’ll also be ringing up Dean Cohen, the Founder and Coordinator of The Best Bunch, an awesome business that supplies employment opportunities for people with disabilities to make and deliver floral arrangements.

Ed: First up, here’s My Goodness by Emma Donovan and the Putbacks from their 2014 release, Dawn.


Ed: You’re listening to room with a view on 3rrr, that was Emma Donovan and the Putbacks with My Goodness. Joining us in studio is EMMA WEBB, a female longboard and Stand up paddle board champion who is also from Victoria. She has come down from Jan Juc to be here with us today, thanks for coming in!

Can you tell us a bit about how you got into surfing?

Surfing is still widely considered a male-dominated sport, so What is your opinion on the state of sexism in female surfing or the surfing community as a whole?

Have you personally felt any resistance to your ability based on your gender?

You read and hear stories about female surfers only beginning their competition after the waves have died down or aren’t as accommodating, how much truth is there to this kind of statement?

What/ do you believe needs to change in the female surfing sector to achieve equality?

6. Do you have any ambition for such a

Ed: Thanks; for coming in, when or where is your next competition if people want to come down and watch?

Kerri: Next up we’ll be interviewing The Best Bunch Founder and Coordinator, Dean Cohen, but first, here is Bomber by Melbourne group, Fortunes from their 2016 EP, Jacket. You’re listening to Room With A View on 3RRR.




Ed: It’s TIME and you’re listening to Room With a View on 3RRR. That was Bomber by Fortunes, followed by A Tribe Called Government by Jordan Rakei.

Kerri: We’ve got Dean Cohen on the line, who is the Founder and Coordinator of The Best Bunch, a really awesome business that supplies inclusive and supported employment opportunities for people with disabilities through the arranging and delivery of flowers. Dean was deservingly awarded the Ron Castan Young Humanitarian Award last year for his efforts in supporting and aiding Melbourne’s special needs community.

1. Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Dean. Can you tell us a bit about the Best Bunch and what inspired you to create it? (Sababa?)

2. Are you able to run us through the current employment experience for people with disabilities?

3. How do you think this might change or improve in the next decade?

4. Have you found that people have embraced the best bunch and moved away from traditional florists to support you or is there still a bit of resistance?


6. As we mentioned, you won the RON CASTAN YOUNG HUMANITARIAN AWARD for your efforts in the disability sector last year – what did it feel like to be recognised for your work?

7. What’s your next step?

8. Where can our listeners find out more about the best bunch?

Ed: Thank you for having a chat to us, and enlightening us about your work in Melbourne’s disability sector. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours!

Kerri: You’re listening to Room With a View on 3RRR, stay tuned as we’ll be having a chat to AFL Victoria’s Female Development Manager, Chyloe Kurdas. This is Nakamarra by Hiatus Kaiyote featuring Q-Tip.





Kerri: We’re coming to you from the 3RRR studios in melbourne’s Brunswick East and you just had a listen to Hiatus Kaiyote’s Nakamarra, followed by The Murlocs’ Adolescence, straight off their most recent album, Young Blindness.

Ed: We’re here with Chyloe Kurdas, AFL Victoria’s Female Development Manager. Her role in the league has seen prominent growth in female football, whereby nearly 25,000 females are now involved in Australian Rules Football in Victoria. Chyloe’s role sees her adapting the opportunities in football that are so readily available for boys and men, and enabling these same opportunities for girls and women too. Chyloe’s amazing work on and off the field saw her being recognized with a nomination for the 2013 Football Woman of the Year Award. Thanks for joining us, Chyloe!

1. How did you first get involved as AFL Victoria’s Female Development Manager?

2. If you had to explain the most important thing you do in your role what would that be?

3. The AFL is heavily male dominated and hasn’t shown much space for females in the past. There has been a lot of buzz around this lately with the announcement of a women’s league in 2015 – what do you think needs to be done to see the growth of the sport in the football community?

4. What kind of challenges would you say are different facing the future of Womens footy now compared to say 10 or 15 years ago?

5. You’ve just come off the back of the under 18 national championships – did you spot any rising stars that could bring the sport to the nation’s attention?

6. There is always going to be opposition with attempts of social progress, so how do you feel about people that say they have no interest in watching female footy? What can be done to get those people down to the game?

7. How far off do you think the Womens AFL is from leagues like Cricket Australia, and their announcement that some female cricketers can now make over 6 figures a year with their new funding boost?

Kerri: Thank you so much for coming in and sharing your insight with us, Chyloe!

Ed: You’re listening to Room With A View on 3RRR, this is Indian Food by Dumbo Gets Mad from their 2013 release, Quantum Leap.


Kerri: It’s currently TIME and you’re listening to Room With A View on 3RRR. That last track was Italian duo Dumbo Gets Mad with their tune, Indian Food.

Ed: 3RRR is a community radio station and survives off the support of the local community. So if you like 3RRR and want to support then go online and sign-up to subscribe at or call in on 9388 1027.

Kerri: Once again, we just want to say a massive thank you to today’s guests, Emma Webb, Dean Cohen and Chyloe Kurdas for sharing their knowledge and insight with us. If you’re interested in ordering a bunch of flowers and donating to the Best Bunch, make sure to head to I’m Kerri and thanks to my co-host Eddie, Coming up is Zero G, but first, this is Mon-ad by Chris Cohen.



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