What a phenomenal film!!! The Cabin in the Woods(Drew Goddard, 2012) is an extremely surprising film as it begins conventionally with 5 college students going to a secluded cabin which ends up being an experimental scenario for the students who are guinea pigs. The film plays with stereotypes(i.e. the jock male character/the virgin) and conventions of horror, before poking fun at them and giving a bizarre left-of-field ending that you couldn’t possibly predict. It is a pastiche/parody in many ways and pays homage to the history of it’s genre. Before watching, we discussed the definitions to describe what we saw which I have included below: 

  • Pastiche: An imitation of a particular work/genre, may also be a combination of different styles/artists
  • Parody: An imitation of a particular writer/artist/genre with deliberate exaggeration of comic effect
  • Homage: A respectful tribute
  • Hybridity: The degree to which one particular genre might be combined with another . Thinking about the ways a genre might open ways up. 


'Cabin in the Woods' included 5 stereotypical college characters to set the scene.

‘Cabin in the Woods’ included 5 stereotypical college characters to set the scene.

This showed me that filmmakers can draw from a number of styles/techniques for originality, and use conventions to trick the audience. At the same time, you are able to use conventions and abide them to make the viewer feel content. This film does both at different times. 

Along with analysing this great flick, me and Brydan finished our shooting script which is attached below!!!

‘Dinner For Three’ Shot List