Colour Correction Exercise


I loved the direction and pattern of the lights in this shot, except it’s hard to really make anything out of the overall image. It’s very dark and murky which leads it to be quite boring. The two signs, which are important in establishing where the shot is taken, get lost into a dark blur.


With a few changes to contrast and brightness, we are able to see a lot more of the detail in the shot, including shadows on the roof. It’s now clear to see what the roof looks like, and it also brings out the two signs. What’s important is that the effect of the ceiling lights is still what makes the shot interesting. In general, it’s a much¬†cleaner frame.

IMG_8726 copy

My second attempt was probably more experimental than anything. I wanted to toy with the colour of the celling lights, and loved the bright yellow effect I created through trial and error with saturation. Again, this frame is more detailed and more appropriately brightened than the original.IMG_8726 copy 2



I considered this shot to be a bit dull, and failed to highlight the colours of the walls and the dome. The grey sky has a lot to do with the overall tone of the shot, which is hard to  change, but I still felt as though the colours could be brought out a little more.


Below, I wanted the sky to appear white rather than grey. Although this isn’t an entirely naturally appearing sky, it livens up the frame and helps to create a much sharper feel. The colours are also more prominent after the edit, which brings out a lot of details in the station walls and windows.

IMG_8762 copy


Again, a little experimental – I wanted to see how much I could bring out the colours without making the frame appear too unnatural. This was also achieved mainly through increasing saturation. The colours are very powerful and strong, and again, more detail has been brought out in the walls and windows. Although a little strange in appearance, this is still a lot more pleasing to look at than it was originally.

IMG_8762 copy 2


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