Written Reflection – Project Brief 3: Media Portrait of Another Person

I went into this having a vague idea of what I was doing, I’ve previously done documentary filmmaking before so I was confident in being able to construct a cohesive piece. I found the structuring quite a limiting process, seeing as it is effectually constructing a 2 minute insight into one’s life. Thus I tried to get as much footage, stock and original material, to supplement the story and make it more interactive.

I thought there were a number of things that worked very well. I really liked the stock footage I managed to find, as it was exactly what I pictured in my mind in terms of the way I could provide another dimension to the things my brother was talking about. I chose to go with more original footage than stock, as I didn’t think it was relevant or appropriate to use footage to illustrate him in a particular way. I also think the fact that the piece flows pretty well makes it a success in itself as you’re not waiting for it to end and rather going along with it. I also really liked the track I chose, which was a remix of Gemini by What So Not by Ekali that I found on Soundcloud.

That said, I found it extremely problematic to get variety in the cutaway shots because the subject matter in itself is a very repetitive process. I tried to combat this by getting very similar shots and putting them in different angles to be able to give the illusion of variety but I am still not sure if I like that. Probably because I’ve watched it so many times.

I think the thing I took from this was the understanding of the importance of being so carefully selective in editing. Conducting the interview with my brother, there were so many responses that I’d have loved to have used in the finished product, but due to the fact you have to choose the most pertinent things in this sort of film, it was difficult to include. This was a very important finding; I’m sure I’ll be mindful of it in the future as I do more filmmaking.



Jonah Orbach Call Sheet

Call sheet for my brother

Photo on 23-04-2015 at 1.45 am

Lapel mic from RMIT. This Disclosure face effect is so dope I found it for Photo Booth the other day yeah.

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