‘merican blues – the haps

I am listening to classical music and it is music to my ears. Literally.

I never thought that doing International Film would mean Food and Philosophy and learning how to be a better expository writer and well, a writer in general. And a thinker, also a thinker.

But everything papery is all so very quirky. The ‘merican ventures…it’s been a month and I will never get over how I live on the second-floor of a room so homey (thanks roomies!) that pretty much look like a hotel apartment, when you squint hard enough. There’s a small fridge where I keep a bottle of milk and maybe cold cider for when watching movies for your course because #FILMLIFE4LYF.

I have no signal in my room though, bummer, but the wi-fi is faster than Usain Bolt and America, you do yourself proud in that respect. Australia, you need more working out. Stretch those legs at the free gym that closes 12am everyday here. Seriously. (I may or may not be crying).

But there’s a sense of calm about working alone at night, just you and your computer and heimatfilme and extrapolating its core elements for a Fatih Akin film named Soul Kitchen. I mean, isn’t it appropriate since I just ate a Clif bar?

I hope to blog more!

…if I wasn’t so inundated with readings and the secret introductory Spanish classes I will be taking to surprise my Spaniard/Ecuadorian amigas —