Off to a great start! – the short post

I am awful at keeping up with my blog activity. I could almost punch myself, really. HOWEVER, it is attributed to my nomadic, wandering lifeblood the past year. I haven’t seen the family back home for almost half the year so forgiveness please?

I am excited for 2016 because yes, I will continue the blogging and regale you all with stories and photographs and potential videos of what has been a grand adventure both as a student and a creative soaker. AND, I’ve got tonnes of plans for the New Year, some unexpected arrivals and some planned out and in the process.

What does this master plan include? Potential collaboration with people in the network, internship-finding (me looking for you), and lots of research and learning and revving of engines. It’s gonna be a fantastic year, and after the great student exchange, I feel like I can pretty much do anything!

Brace yeselves!

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