Continued Research

I’ve been continuing to look into the genre of mockumentary because I think it’s my favourite thus far. I love that it is a format which makes fun of its self, and allows for so much diversity.

It also makes sense for this story line when it is contextualised into mocumentary; self indulgent young college kids who think their lives are interesting enough to document and for people to want to watch. It could be filmed from the third wheel character’s POV, perhaps he’s an aspiring film maker, and we could incorporate interviews into this format which would give a pretty opportunity for in-depth exploration of these characters.
Also from a practical standpoint, it would mean that our final product may not have to be the most polished, and we could make it look a little hackneyed and have fun with purposefully sub-par camera work. Whereas everyone will be working hard to make their product look the most professional, we would stand out by using amateur film-making tropes in a self-aware, ironic way.

I think there are lots of possibilities and potential so I’m continuing to look into it as a genre.

THUS I’ve been watching some episodes of The Comic Strip presents Bad News and it’s fucking excellent.

Here’s what it is:

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