00 Reading – Can I be Santiago?

I wish I could say I gained some insight into the networked media course by reading this metaphorical passage. Alas, it presents itself to me as self-indulgent drivel.

 Am I the boat? Am I in the boat? Is the boat my portal to the network of the ocean? Why is the ocean a network?  Why are there so many adjectives?

 After my literal mind considers these questions, I find myself thinking about Hemingway’s ‘the old man and the sea’. One of the most well written texts, I have read to date.

So now I find myself as Santiago pursuing a monster marlin. Driven in life to reach an ultimate goal, risking everything in a courageous effort. Even if it is only for personal satisfaction and no one else recognises your achievements.

I would much rather find myself in this boat than that of the networked media boat. Where I see myself lost with no direction, skimming over everyone’s ideas and struggling to find my own. With the monotonous beat of the waves lapping against the hull, representing my defunct concepts.

I guess I view this passage negatively, as I don’t see being lost as a process of discovery and enlightenment.  I want to set out on this journey with a path and a goal. Otherwise, I can see myself never finding direction in this mastless boat.




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One thought on “00 Reading – Can I be Santiago?

  1. how will you fall in love if your journey needs a path and a goal? Can’t a goal and a path but the same thing? If you know where you are going (the path) and what is at the end (goal), where exactly is discovery supposed to happen? Oh, and the boat has a mast. NOt sure about the self loathing in the post, (you really want to describe the work of your teacher as drivel? and that all your concepts are defunct?), you’ve already made a connection to Hemingway (heroic masculine battle versus feminised language – that’s why all the adjectives). Monotonous beat? do you describe waves on the beach the same way? Why not? And why a difference? In other words this isn’t in the drivel, its in your projections upon them, so in a moment of possible double loop noticing, where is *that* coming from do you think?

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