Using Shortcut keys for editing

Today in the class we looked at color grading and some editing guide. Although I’m aware of how to edit but it is always good to refresh and learn something new along the way. Today I looked over some shortcut keys and two of them I found very useful which I may have used unconsciously but didn’t realised until now. I use Final Cut Pro X for my editing and the two functions that I found useful are Enable/disable clip (shortcut ‘V’) and expand/collapse Audio components (shortcut ‘Control-option-S’).

Shortcut ‘V’ is mainly used to enable or disable a selected clip of your choice. I usually deleted the clip which messed my timeline, but this is handful when you are overlaying videos and you can decide which video is useful for your purpose and you can always come back and enable the other one. The other shortcut ‘Ctrl-Opt-S’ is used for expanding or collapsing the audio of the selected clip. It is handful incase you require just the audio of the clip and be used to overlay interviews and manage the justifiable images with it.

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