Reading log- Performative Mode

Citation: # Nichols, Bill. Introduction to Documentary Film. Bloomington & Indianapolis, Indiana University Press, 2010, pp. 199-211

Log entry (200 words maximum):

1. Key/significant points or ideas:

-The reading is about the final mode in documentary filmmaking which is the performative mode

-It sets out to demonstrate how embodied knowledge provides entry into an understanding of the more general processes of work in society.

-Performative documentary underscores the complexity and affective dimensions

-This mode adds emphasis to the subjective qualities of experience and memory from the perspective of the filmmaker himself and bears similarity to an essayistic model for participatory filmmakers.   

-The free combination of the actual and the imagines occurrences is a common feature of the performative documentary.

-This mode brings the emotional intensities of the embodied experience and knowledge to the force rather than attempt to do something tangible so that audience can experience the world in a particular way as vividly as possible.

2. Ideas that help me to understand documentary: 

– This mode tries and gets us to experience an event and what it would have been like, it tries to make us create perspective of something we may have not experienced before.


Performative mode can be poetic at times as it draws up peoples feelings and emotions when being watched.

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