Analysis Reflection 2 (Question 1)

In the short film ‘End of the Line’ screened during the lecture, I think that ‘End of the Line’ achieved what they set out to do. Overall the short film tells a story about the people of Broken Hill’s idea or impression of their own town and the mentality of the people. My initial impressions of the documentary was a simple interview piece about people expressing their personal views and lives in Broken Hill. It really is almost a piece about the battle between different generations and how culturally different people see the world now as to how they did many years ago.  The film describes how the history and significance that once was Broken Hill is becoming lost in time, which was pretty moving. I also feel that they did a wonderful job and addresses the issue well in such a short space of time.

Overall I found that it was a pretty interesting and fascinating short film. It was pretty creative and I think the producers do a great job at capturing the overwhelming conditions of the Broken Hill area. There were some very interesting elements. I liked the way the participants in the film were presented. What was evident in the film the appreciation and praise that the older generations of people have for this small historical country town. They seem to love the freedom and versatility of the landscape, taking pride in treasuring where they live and what they have, where as the younger generation I feel, seem to think of Broken Hill as a dead end with limited opportunities, resources and flexibility.


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