Pieces of Us

Made by Emily Nicholson

My documentary Pieces of Us explores the different relationships between objects and people, focusing on clothing in particular. It centres on my sister and I, who discuss pieces of clothing that we received from our aunty and our cousin several years ago. I believe the items passed down to us should be treasured as they have long, rich and personal histories. They are not just objects, they encapsulate life, loss, lessons, connection, change, friendship, and the experiences that have led us to where we are now, which should be protected. 

What I got out of making this piece was gaining greater insight into my connection with objects and how they reflect an aspect of my past. It was also a chance to process loved ones I have lost and explore stories that have often gone unspoken in my family. In addition, it was a rewarding learning experience as it has helped me develop as a filmmaker and discover my visual style.   

I have not made many experimental documentaries in the past, so this was a great opportunity to step outside my comfort zone. Non-fiction work has more than one set of practices and immense formal possibilities. Throughout this process, I gained an understanding of how to incorporate sound, visuals, and narration in more unconventional and engaging ways. I was particularly drawn to the sound design process as I think it has elevated my film and assisted in transporting the viewer to specific places or moments in time. This is a technique I intend to continue developing and will apply to my future projects.     

rmitmediastudent • June 1, 2021

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