Filmmakers on Camera Coverage

For this project I wanted to hear directly from working high-profile filmmakers about their experiences with camera coverage and scene construction, and the various challenges that arise through the process of preparing and shooting a scene. Initially I had attempted to get in contact with various filmmakers to ask them questions directly, but as this proved rather difficult in all cases except for Roger Deakins, I eventually ended up presenting some of the research that I did in preparation for the potential interviews, instead of interviews themselves.

As such this project is essentially my thoughts on quotes from various filmmakers on topics related to coverage. Some of the people featured include; Roger Deakins, Jarin Blaschke, Robert Eggers and Tod Campbell.

Though I wasn’t able to get in contact with most of these filmmakers, I did learn a great deal just from the process of researching the people mentioned above, as well as a long list of others who weren’t featured in the final research report. I hope you enjoy the rather long-winded read!

The Scene in Cinema | Research Project | Noah Hodgson

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