As Grief Holds Us

The five stages of grief. When did you first hear that phrase? Maybe it was when your childhood dog died. Or your grandpa became sick. Or in health class in highschool. It’s depicted in films and literature. It is entrenched in the conversation, psychology, and media of Western society. The stages are portrayed as a highly structured process both in society and popular culture.

It is everywhere. Yet, somehow, many feel the stages don’t encapsulates how grief feels. Its weight. Timelessness.

We aim to convey the five stages of grief as the non-linear, complex experience it truly is. The three characters you are about to meet experience these five stages at different times in relation to different levels of grief. It is set throughout 2020 with COVID serving as the background contextualising these stories.
The collective grief that we have all experienced through this pandemic taught us a lot about ourselves, how we deal with major disruptors in our lives, and how everybody comes to terms with these things at their own pace. We hope to show you that anyone can grieve, over anything, and that all grief is valid.

Welcome. Come along on our journey.

Trigger/Content Warning: Please note these films deal with themes of death, loss, relationship trouble, COVID, and the appearance of alcohol and knives (to prepare food.

Filmed on Wadawurrung, Dja Dja Wurrung, Wurundjeri, and Boon Wurrung Aboriginal people’s land.

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