Screen Art and Film Workshop

‘Inversion’ By Mia Gvozdic

‘Inversion’ is an experience into the Uncanny, created with the intention to unsettle and estrange your sense of self. My creative journey began with the creation and manipulation of sound, and its power to conjure up feelings of unease. My focus then shifted towards the moving image that seemed to evolve time and time again….

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‘How Do You Ask For A Date?’ by Brendan Nguyen

The creative project was made out of found/archived footage with a mixture of animation, exploring the importance of relationships and connection with others, something that hasn’t changed throughout generations. Throughout the studio, I researched the concept of Tragicomedy and how the duality of elements complement each other in film. Humour and tragedy ironically go hand…

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‘Bug’ by Mackenzie Curtis

‘Bug’ draws inspiration from digital glitch art with my interpretation exploring the distinct aesthetic through the moving image. Born during the Coronavirus isolation period, ‘Bug’ explores themes of the self, domestic space and memory in a non-linear structure. My intention in making the film surrounds the experience it provides with further inspiration being drawn from neo-impressionist art…

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Welcome to Experiment. Screen. Sensation. Screen Art and Film Workshop.

STUDIO PROMPT Create a dynamic and provocative moving image art work or film. We will be investigating the nexus between creative work and research productivity. DESCRIPTION The central aim of this studio is to explore the process that guides what you want to produce for the screen and why. This motivation could be connected to…

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