A blonde-haired girl (20’s) with round glasses, hooped earrings and a denim jacket just got done with her date as she kisses her partner goodbye and him leaving her, presumably to head home. The girl sits in place, twirling her hair round and round, smiling… for quite some time. Once in awhile, she would get a text from her phone and smile even wider and occasionally chuckle to herself as she replies to them gleefully. Other than the occasional blinks from her device, nothing stood in her way in being happy. No ear pieces were on and no visual material was present for her to at least glance at. She sat on her chair, staring at whatever’s in front of her and just… smiles. Not even in a creepy way. Her world at that moment was rid of all the atrocities present in anyone’s day-to-day life and all she could probably talk about is that boy. In that moment, she has personified herself as the true manic pixie dream girl, as the only word that comes to one’s mind when looking at her at that state was “happy”.

It couldn’t be helped. Her unbridled joy of life was instantaneously contagious and no one can resist smiling back or at least feel a sense of warmth in their hearts when seeing such display of happiness. Another girl, less happy in her display (then again, no one could contest this person’s happiness), simply looked at her and smiled. Immediately, dream girl just smiles back with closed eyes, without hesitation. The other girl chuckles with astonishment as to how someone can be this kind-hearted, and she wasn’t alone.

Glad the world hasn’t messed with her yet. Let’s keep it that way.



Capturing the sole split-second moments of happiness in the routine-driven and overall dull present life, Pixie Swan puts those sweet moments into a cinematic level. Splice the joyful moment observed in the above observation with some flashbacks for an abstract narrative and a necessary build-up to the reveal of the girl’s contagious smile, alongside Sufjan Stevens’ ode to love and happiness in his song Mystery of Love, the film manifests into a tribute to how we can just lose ourselves in the moment and forget any possible atrocity that linger in our heads and… be happy.

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