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Week 2 Reflection – Screen Lab Studio

Week 2 Reflection

Today I have learnt an Introduction to Sound Design. In film, the art of creating sound effects is called ‘foley’ named after the man, Jack Foley, who created the means of adding sound effects to film back in 1927. I have also watched some videos which is a video that showing how foley artists make the sounds. There are very interesting ways to make foley sounds – Bacons become Rain, coconut shells on a hard surface or gravel becomes horse hooves. I have also learnt a correct recording levels from this week. The distorted sound in a digital recording can be never be fixed, and -6 to -12 dB is safe. If I have had a time to make a foley, I would probably make it for my assignment. I also have learnt a music composition and Sound Design. Further, It was very interesting to know many Foley studios which based on Melbourne. 


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