Brief 4- Sophia and Kyah

Kyah and I followed the Option A instructions, where I chose to respond to the ‘Boxers’ video:


Watch the boxers

Brawling, but there’s no hate towards each other.

Just their sport.

Watch the lovers

Sparring, but there shouldn’t be hate towards each other.

It’s just their love.

A stroke towards his cheek

A blow that emits

An effect that drifts sweat beads supersonic.

Their words strike like fists

Their affair is like boxing

There’s only peace after the bloodshed.

Bodies slicked with wet,

Blood or sweat?

Bodies slicked with blood,

Does red mean war or love?

Bodies slicked with sweat,

Exhaustion from aggressive amusement or destructive desire?

Watch the boxers dance,

And then

Watch the lovers dance,

Is there a difference in what you see?





Relax into the mess

The mess that is your mind

Enjoy your thoughts

Bad, good

Dirty, chaste

Whether they are helpful or detrimental

Wallow in your thoughts


Venture to the corners of your conscious

Uncover secrets not even you knew

Travel through your thoughts

Feel as if you are in an unknown place

Recline back into comfort

A place where you are completely you

Where you know the inner workings

Where you can steer the path of your pleasure

Become reckless

Defy what you thought you knew

Thrash and smash down your barriers

Your psyche, a prison cell

Holding you captive from expansion

Run away

Leave your thoughts behind

What you know no longer matters

What you want to know is who you are to become

Destined for greatness, held back by nothing


Realise that running isn’t always the answer

Being in a place of comfort

Doesn’t mean being in a place of immobility

A flower blooms best in its natural habitat

Enjoy your thoughts

Set yourself the task of exploration

Come home to your true self

Break down the walls of comfort

Run through unchartered territory

Fall back into yourself


Relax into the mess

The mess that is your mind