Brief 4- Video and poem response

Hi all, my partner, Zahra and I responded to the poem “The Earth Shakes” by Steve Stanfield. This post will include the poem we responded to, the film I made in response to the poem and and poem I made in response to Zahra’s film.

Initial Poem

[The earth shakes]

The earth shakes
just enough
to remind us.
Video Response 
link to youtube below. The video is called “to remind us to notice”
Poem Response to Zahra’s film
I have included an image and a text version, just in case the image is too difficult to read. Blackout poem using the first two pages of Song for the Blue Ocean by Carl Safina. Titled: a relationship with the ocean.

I stood,
I watch
slowly circling the
void upon the waters.
The eternal sea.

molten glass
seemed to meld
into blue night,
the sun a moist watercolour
freshly created and laden with

the sea
breathing gently on my lover’s chest
the atmosphere a curtain around
planet Ocean
my eye was a faint molten sea,
the surface like a suspended moment
backlit from another world.

The tear it left was
emerald and wild
a watery jungle
we examine the surface
while the ocean may look
for millennia