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Reflection for Final Interactive Media Work


In the group work, we made a lot of improvements on the human keyboard based on the second group work and succeeded in replacing the grainy, highly segmented piano sound with a smoother harp sound that was not realized a few weeks ago.

During the research phase, we tried to find the material that could achieve the harp sound, but the results were very unsatisfactory until Justin brought us a patch called HSFLOW. In the previous study, we have been working to track a person’s movements and set up a lot of fixed points in the picture. When the tracked object or part of the body reaches this point, it will trigger the next effect, such as creation. A note or a set of chords, but after the efforts and improvements of the team members, the new patch can track the entire action instead of the fixed point compared to the previous one. As your body slides to the right, the color of the picture turns green and triggers a series of notes, as does the left, but the picture turns red to distinguish between different orientations. This way makes the notes more smooth and more pleasing, with a technological leap. Also, sliding the hand left and right to create a note, which is substantially closer to the real harp performance.

Of course, after getting all the material, we encountered a new problem when we almost finished. When entering the presentation mode, no matter how you try, the module responsible for the harp sound has no way to work. I think this is a Camille level problem, but with the help of Camille, adding a set of midi modules will get him back to work. The music in max has always been a part of my interest, but I dare not explore. Regardless of the class, I am very grateful to my team members for teaching me a lot of things. It is my pleasure to be in a group with Justin and Claudia.

I really like and are satisfied with this personal work, which fulfills an idea that I have been deeply immersed in. From a technical point of view, I made a lot of improvements based on my last work, Messi’s shot. First, I abandoned the n4m human body recognition tracking system and changed to a more efficient and stable handle control. The LB and RB are used up and down, the start button and the shot button, and the multi-linear touch launcher action adds a lot of stability and fun to the previous work, making him more like a mature game. Of course, there are a lot of problems when setting the key. The most important one is the key conflict. When you want to trigger the left and right keys, the left and right will always be triggered at the same time. And when multiple keys are the same as the beginning of the number, the message box is 0 at the end of the message, a large chance that when it is closed, it will trigger another key to open, which is very tricky. With the help of Camille, I understand that by adding a 0 between the trigger and object, you can perfectly separate them all. As for the upper left and upper right, although it is challenging to solve, just change a key. Although it seems a bit difficult to display the score portion of the network, after doing it, it is found that it will not take long to solve.

For me, a hardcore football fan, I hope that I can use my work to tell the audience to cherish the stars which accompany us. Their games always look at one less game. Don’t wait until they retire before regret. Or we can only miss them in the game.


xiayimingshi • June 7, 2019

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