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Qiang Zhao (Joey) Assignment 3

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Time is always going fast, and a semester of Max learning has already passed. I don’t understand anything from the beginning, and now I can use this software to express some of my own ideas which are a big improvement. Throughout the semester, I am very grateful to the teacher and classmates for their guidance and help so that I can successfully complete all the homework. I think these works are not just homework, but the expression and practice of my ideas. Although I am still only a beginner, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the future, but I am still very excited to finish my final homework.

My current group work and solo work are inspired by my previous works, and I have made a lot of improvements. Because the requirement of this assignment is to keep the audience’s attention for 5-7 minutes, how to make the audience interested and patient to watch is the key to this assignment. After discussion by the group members, the theme of our group work is to make a room escape game. The background of this game is that the protagonist suddenly wakes up in a big house and loses his memory. He needs to make choices to escape the house with unknown monsters. We took a lot of things in the house and various possibilities from a first-person perspective. Only when the audience chooses the right direction can the story continue. As long as the wrong option is selected in any place, the protagonist in the video will “death” and return to the original starting point to re-select. At the same time, we also designed some small traps in the game, which requires the audience to think carefully to trigger the next story. For example, the screen stops before the door is opened. Only the viewer correctly enters “open” in the “box”,

the protagonist in the video Will open the door and proceed to the next step. We want the audience to experience this immersive feeling and to rack their brains to escape the feeling of being born. Overall, I am quite satisfied with our group work because it has a very core theme and can continue to attract the attention of the audience, make the audience interested and willing to play. But it also has a lot of deficiencies, such as:

  1. The ultimate protagonist can’t escape the house. This is the best ending we think of now, making it a cycle, but we feel that this ending can be more perfect.
  2. We have not made enough choices for the audience, and we should add more possibilities.
  3. The video clips are not smooth enough for the viewer to have questions.
  4. The method of entering the command to enter the next story is too monotonous.

For my previous solo work, I am personally satisfied, because I think my idea is novel and will not be similar to other students. This assignment I combined the previous two operations – both tactile interaction and nontactile interaction. The theme of the whole work is to teach the audience to play the song “Shape of you” with the keyboard. At the same time, during the playing process, small pictures will gradually appear, and finally, all the small pictures will form a complete picture. In the process of playing, only the correct play of the song, the spectrum and picture of the next sentence will appear. Overall, my homework is quite satisfactory. Because although the appearance seems relatively simple, in fact, I spent a lot of time, experience and patience to complete this homework, especially when connecting various lines which is a very boring process. But I also noticed many of my shortcomings:

  1. The introduction of the gameplay is not clear enough. I need to list a more detailed introduction.
  2. The screen appears too monotonous, I can change the various properties of the screen to increase the fun.
  3. An error occurred during the trial, which can be avoided because I did not carefully check each step.

After all the semester efforts, I am quite satisfied with my performance. Every work is my own efforts to conceive and implement actions. In this process, I learned more than just understanding and using Max. I learned more about what is patience. This is an indispensable quality for life, study and work in the future.

Joey • June 7, 2019

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