Lights Camera (Inter)Action Studio 2019

interacting to the Max

final project

Solo final work
In my solo work, I made a game. In this game, audiences will see a lot of monsters in a window, and audiences should use the key boar to control the tank. “a” left, “d” right, “q” up “z” down, and audiences need click the mouse to fire bullet to kill monsters. And audiences could see “love” to know how many times they are hit by the monsters, but they could not die until audiences to kill all of these monsters. I still input music into the patch for creating a game environment. Before audiences play this game, they should read some tips which I have already put on the patch.

Artist statement:final group work
In our final group project, we have a lot of ideas about this project, but finally we choose to use icd to make a game, in this game, the audiences use the keyboard to control the Pad to return the ball, the ball will add from one to two, if audiences do not return the ball, the game is going to over. We also add the music and background to make use the audiences to join in this game, to increase the game environment. And the time-code to make the audiences to see how long they can play this game. So the purpose of time-code to stimulate the audiences play this game, to stimulate their competitive urge.


wenpingname • June 7, 2019

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