Night of the Living Feminist

Night of the Living Feminist is a classic sketch set in the fifties where innocent men and women are subjected to the most horrifying film and concept of their time; Feminism. Exploring the difference between our current time and the exaggerated thoughts of women back then, this is a sketch you don’t want to miss. This sketch was created by Georgia D’Souza and Natalie Aarons. Enjoy.

Night of the Living Feminist script

The Interview

The Interview is a hilarious sketch about a woman innocently applying from a job at a company with just a few ‘concerning’ requirements, but not to worry, the company is open and accepting to all, even women! Created by Sienna Curnow, Ella Connoley, Maddie Hewson, Maddie Edwall and Ryan Hall. the sketch explores concerns women face in the workplace environment with just a little bit of exaggeration used the emphasise the point. Enjoy their sketch.


The Interview script

All Tied up

All Tied up is a sketch exploring the world women face in the media and political world on a regular basis, except in the flipped reality where men are in fact the ones suffering the consequences for, say, wearing the same tie they wore to a previous event. How on earth will these two politicians fix this nightmare? The sketch was created by Elizabeth Busch, Alyssa Yeo and Duong Chu (Jenny). Enjoy.

All Tied Up Script

Battle of the Sketches – Cheque Your Privilege

Cheque Your Privilege is a sketch about whether the male or the female should pay for the date? This sketch delves into the gender pay gap difference. They use the Steve Kaplan comedy devices, and it’s written by three men. What do they know about feminism? Let’s just say that the first screenplay was just line after, after line, after line of one-liners. It has come along way.

Martin Ho, Michael Tucci and Terance Hore created this sketch, enjoy.




Cheque your privelege (3)



Battle of the Sketches – Creating a Joke

Creating a Joke is a hilarious sketch about what a comedian might think about when they a trying to come up with new material and his troubles with what is okay to joke about. Can comedians still make sexist jokes? Will this comedian continue the trend? This visual sketch crosses lines and it has some outrageously funny acting.

It is written by a team of writers, Lorisa Barraza, YieShyuen Hwong, Joseph (Joey) Nguyen, Cheryl Theseira and Hoang (Wang) Tran, Enjoy this sketch.


Battle of the Sketches – Navigating Sexism in 2019

Navigating Sexism in 2019 is a sketch is an instructional video of how men should behave around women. What should men do around women? How do you check peoples attitudes? This sketch answers those questions. Is it worthwhile advice? To answer that you have to watch. You may either like our main character or think he’s a tool.

Its production value is top notch. It was created by the comedy duo Emily Hatty and Murphy Daniels, Enjoy their sketch.


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