On Directing

This week we began shooting the scenes we had previously decided to leave out of episode one (in order to create a more cohesive narrative) and started preparation for episode two. For this week’s shoot I took on the role of director, a position I was excited to try but feeling decidedly unprepared for as I have had very little experience in making the majority of the stylistic decisions on any sort of production. Thankfully, those in the group who had directed before were more than happy to give me assistance and I am now much more confidant going in to direct episode two.
As we come to the end of the preproduction phase of episode two it’s become clear we have learnt a considerable amount when compared to going through the same process for episode one, especially in terms of organising shot lists and creating more thorough story boards. I expect that now,  with the full support of the writers, shooting episode two in the coming days will be a much more enjoyable and straightforward process.

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