Casting 1


On Friday I volunteered to sit in with Gaby and Heidi from the writing team for auditions! I have never experienced auditioning or casting from this side of the desk so I was really quite excited to do it! The auditions ran for two days: Thursday 12-6, then Friday 9-5:30! I was impressed with just how many people had signed up to audition, which meant that they really saw something in the script and wanted to be apart of it. So we had these roles to cast:

  • Liz
  • Arabella
  • Duncan
  • Carl
  • Dalv

Overall we had more female applicants, which meant we weren’t too worried about finding our leading ladies. After each audition, we took 10 minutes to discuss what we thought of each candidate, what notes we took. This was great because casting is really hard, to its good to hear other’s opinions and ensure you’re making the right call. We found Arabella on day one, and Liz early on day two. The men were a lot harder to cast, the first male we cast was Carl, then we had two guys we were going between for Dalv, and we knew Duncan when we watched his showreel. While we waited for him, we were pretty much sold but needed to see him in person of course and run rehearsal and shooting dates by him. We also had to consider how the cast would work with each other; whether our Liz would work against Arabella etc. But I’m very happy with the talented cast we’ve ended up with and the direction that the webseries is going in!

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