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13 Reasons Why: diametric opposite of suicide prevention

by Cameo Turner Netflix Original’s TV show 13 Reasons Why hit to home hard, New Zealand a country on the edge of the world no one would assume would suffer from the highest youth suicide rates in the world. This Netflix Original received severe criticism in regards to the shows treatment of suicide. From the first…

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A survivor’s guide to Survivor

by Patrick Mckee Here’s a confession: I am a Survivor nerd. I have seen every episode of the U.S. reality show at least twice, and some seasons I have seen up to 6 times in my process of converting non believers. I have seen spectacular players fall, terrible players succeed and beautiful strategic moves be…

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Mindhunter: a fresh take on a stale genre

by Patrick McKee Mindhunter, the new series released on Netflix, is putting a new spin on the police procedural. Directed by Joe Penhall and produced by David Fincher and Charlize Theron, the series slows down the cop drama and is rooted in the true crime genre. Following FBI agent Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff), who is…

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The cast of The Bachelor Australia 2017

Matty J: spoiled for choice

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard the controversy surrounding Channel Ten’s The Bachelor AU. The extravagant show is brimming with bitchiness and opulent dates, and let’s not forget the one poor sod with a six pack in the middle of it all. I suppose the show isn’t missing much in…

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Mad Men: are we still mad for Don?

A cocktail of nostalgia and the bitter sweetness of 1960s America, Mad Men distinguishes itself beyond a period masterpiece. by Katrina Salvador Matthew Weiner’s eight season drama manages to inject a whirlwind of emotions towards the complicated lives of the employees of an elite New York advertising firm as they adapt to the evolving societal…

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American Vandal

American Vandal: more than just a dick joke

by Annie Cooper If a four-hour dick joke doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, you’re not alone. However, while the premise of American Vandal is essentially one big dick joke, I recommend that you don’t dismiss the show too soon. Netflix’s new mockumentary lampoons true crime shows by focusing on a much…

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Sexts and the City: single girls of today still love the show’s panache, but not its politics

by Nat Pitcher Four successful, sassy, single women living it up in the big city, and trying to balance ‘having it all’ with finding love: it’s become such a trope that it’s difficult to imagine this was ever a ground-breaking concept, but at the time of its airing, HBO’s Sex And The City was considered…

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My family up a tree: Love My Way, Please Like Me and the gift of messy families

by Georgia Imfeld “It’s not really a normal tree my family tree. It’s kind of two trees; two trees stuck together…” As I read those words, I hear them spoken in my head by the sweet, little voice of Lou, the angelic eight-year-old from Love My Way, Foxtel’s critically acclaimed social realism drama that follows…

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