Weekly update for Kimmy and Joey

Kimmy and I always want to show the Chinese students’ real life. Because of the same theme, we became partners. Kimmy has chosen “Grow up” as the title because we believed that using our own experience could well attract audience. Furthermore, as Chinese students, we clearly knew what our life is. We got some suggestions from Kim and our classmates. We knew that our feelings or emotions in Melbourne could attract viewers. In other words, audience wants to see our reactions for example, how we purchase food in the market and how we order in the restaurant. As a result, we focused on these aspects and recorded these details in our life. We also got the inspiration from the documentary about the female boxer about the structure. We decided to use the interview as the main timeline and fill it up with some pieces of our daily life as B-rolls.

The documentary “Michael Jordan Max” deeply attracted our attention. The first reason why we watched this video is we both love basketball and we think Micheal Jordan is the most greatest basketball player in the world. This documentary talks about the legend story of Michael Jordan. At the meantime, it shows some stories that people do not know. We knew how a normal people walks into a superstar step by step through this documentary. Also, this documentary really stimulates us to work on our final project. Sometimes, when we want to abandon, we can think of the hardship that Micheal Jordan had experienced. Compared with him, the tough thing we were experiencing was nothing.

What’s more, Robin really helped us a lot. He said that the sound quality is the most essential thing in the documentary. This aspect never leaves our head. So when we were shooting our footage, we never forgot to use the professional recorder. Meanwhile, he is so professional in the devices. He gave us many suggestions on technology and video.

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