Week 5 Update!

During week 5, it was mine and Michael’s task to film an update so the media world, and our fellow classmates could see what we have been up to in our studio. 

Unfortunately for you guys, there is a whole lot of mine and Michael’s face you’re going to have to deal with this week, because the camera loves us… err, we love the camera.

But, if you’re game – you can view our update here!

So, in all seriousness what we have been working on this week is: INTERVIEWS!

Being able to interview is such a skill set that we as media students are so lucky to be able to learn. Although, what you may not realise, is that interview isn’t so simple as your regular piece to camera, ‘A Current Affair’ interview footage.

We wanted to challenge the idea of what an interview really is, so we played around with the cameras and a little improvisation skill, and we created an informal interview.

We also tend to explore new places to film throughout building 10 and 12, because we absolutely adore our new media classrooms. And, it’s best not to forget the coffee… you wouldn’t like to see us without coffee.

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