Fortnightly Update: Week 8

In week 7, the class presented their story worlds in front of three judges. Each of us was given three minutes to present and feedbacks were given to us respectively. We had a variety of worlds ranging from characters entering a storybook to fix a problem to a world where propaganda is everyday news. Everyone did a really good job in presenting their worlds.

In week 8, on Wednesday, in teams, we discussed the progress of our worlds. We then gave each other feedbacks on their presentation and their world. After that as a class, we discussed the structure of our future workshops. We decided to have six representatives to workshop on their story worlds in different groups.
On Thursday, we went ahead with the new structure of the workshop. Each representative was given an hour plus to talk about their world to their new teammates. The second part of the class was to write a short narrative or script based on one of the characters most embarrassing moment in the world that was just presented to us. Some found it hard to write about the character most embarrassing moment because it may change the world entirely or the character personality. The last part of the class was discussing the structure of the workshops for next week and to submit our works every Sunday to the designated groups.

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