Methods of film production (and, therefore, film substance) are predetermined by the choice to make either documentary or drama. These methods have their own practicalities, logic and industrial efficiencies. A film project invariably requires a commitment to a particular form and its methods of production.

But does this limit the film’s expressive potential?

Ways of Making proposes a new approach to the conception, development and production of short film projects. Work in this studio will not start with the premise that you are making drama or  documentary. It will start with the notion that the form and substance of your work will be determined by a combination of your creative vision and a respect for the subject matter as an active agent shaping the final form.

By exploring traditional filmmaking protocols and techniques, and through a series of practical exercises and ongoing reflection, you will develop the technical competency and confidence to produce a series of film works. Our key objective is to discover a more flexible and potentially creative approach to the production of fiction and nonfiction.

Specific skills developed in this course include: producing, project management and directing skills; professional production skills in audio recording and post production; lighting  – analysis, planning and setting; camera operation – exposure, focus pulling, camera movement, framing; and post production – editing, grading and title sequences.

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