Week 9 Workshop

Welcome to the last part of the course.  There is still a lot of work to do, but also plenty of exciting possibilities to go with it.  Let’s put all the skills and knowledge from the course to use, and explore some new territory for you as online writers and content creators.

First, we need to complete the CES.  A lot of work has gone into preparing this course, but that doesn’t mean that it has all been a success.  You are the only ones who can provide the most insightful & useful feedback, so that this course (and others) can be improved, and help your learning experience.  If you have good things to say, please let us know.  Or, if there are things that could be improved, we want to know.

You should have received an email about this, otherwise details on how to complete it are available here: S1 2016 CES student information slides

Assessment Task 3

Next, form groups to work on your Hypermedia Story & Reflection for Assessment Task 3.  A group of 4 is ideal, but a group of 3 is ok.

Come up with a group name, and send your tutor an email with the following info:

  • Group Name
  • Group member names & student numbers
  • Project working title (if you have one)

Discuss (in your groups):

What are some qualities of a hypertext/hypermedia story?  What are some of the affordances?  What  are some challenges we face in writing one?

As a class, let’s form one question that we’re trying to answer here (TBC in week 11…)

Get started:

Now, it’s idea time.   Spend the rest of the workshop discussing potential concepts for your Hypermedia Story.  If your group chooses to, you’ll be presenting an outline of your idea to your tutor in week 11, so a good start would be addressing the following areas:

  • What is the story about?
  • What platform(s) will you use to deliver it?
  • How will the story look and feel? (Design elements)
  • Who is the audience for this story?
  • How have you structured your group: roles, workload, timelines?

Make a time with your tutor to meet during the week 11 workshop (10 minute meeting). Remember, all group members must attend for you to get the full 5 marks available for the proposal.

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