CW Week 5 – Guest Lecture, Group Work and Script Development

Hi Websters,

A couple of things:

  1. We have a guest coming to talk to us this afternoon so please give them the respect of being on time 🙂
  2. Something’s come up and I have to take off just after the lecture, so Jeremy will be overseeing the second hour of group work, during which you’ll be encouraged to schedule a timeline for script deliveries.
  3. On Wednesday, we have our script development session, so each group (as discussed) should bring MINIMUM one script to the table.
  4. Readings: on the ‘Readings’ tab, under ‘Creative Writing’, I’ve posted a very short reading called ‘Guidelines for Script Development’.  The media students have this text too, so make sure you’re very familiar with it (some of you may have read it as part of a previous studio with me).  Also, it will probably be helpful to refresh your reading of ‘Web Series and Script Development’, particularly pages 5-9 that discuss script development in the traditional and web sense.

Great that production is nearly underway!  See you all this afternoon 🙂

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