Week One ; Contemplation within Covid

The prompt to me was quite thought-provoking, so I enjoyed making this video. I have a small flat and a lot of hobbies, and fill all my time juggling between them, work & study. Contemplation is something I do whilst still enjoying my hobbies, whether that’s reading, drawing, diving into the story of a game, or creating music. Linking my own thoughts and reasoning to the hobbies that make me who I am.


  1. How did you author the video you recorded for upload to Instagram?

I shot this video on my iPhone 11 Pro. Because I was working by myself, I couldn’t actually operate the phone to pan – so I turned to the new wide-angle lens (on the rear of the phone) that is on the newer iPhone, shooting in 4k. I was able to then punch into the footage as I was editing in 1080hd and scale-pan within premiere pro.

My apartment has pretty bad lighting, and Instagram‘s in-app camera app was terrible. So I  shot this using an app called Filmic Pro, which is my go-to for shooting on my camera. I took 4 separate shots, all around 1-minute long of each position. I then edited and linked up the pans for each shot, and used masks to blend each shot in.

The quality of the video was quite grainy due to the lighting, so I decided to lean into the “poor” visual aesthetic, picking some lo-fi royalty-free beats as the soundtrack, opting for black and white and playing around with the VR Chromatic effect on adobe to get the VHS RGB blurring on there.

Each shot was only done once, I didn’t need any second takes because there wasn’t anything particularly curated about them. I was just essentially sitting down doing nothing.

Luckily Instagram now does videos in landscape, portrait, and square. So, no hindrance to my authoring process there. I didn’t use the cover feature, as I wanted it to go from the start and not show multiple me’s just sitting on a lounge out of context.

Compared to my usual video work the only difference was shooting a shorter video. I don’t normally develop videos for Instagram, but I’m a huge fan of mobile videography and think that camera’s now a day have an incredible toolset, especially once paired with apps like Filmic Pro.


  1. How did you publish the video you recorded for upload to Instagram?

I only recorded 4 shots for the end video, all edited on top of each other. I did do 2 different edits, I kept it quite unedited for the first, but the shots were very noisy (grain). So in the end I preferred the second black & white edit.

My curation for this video wasn’t as harsh as I usually am, I did make the shots last for 1-minute, yet each shot only uses around 20 seconds of footage. So I did pick through what I preferred for the best end result.

I tagged my own suburb as the location before uploading. I don’t usually add captions to my own posts, but did for this post. I probably could have worked out a better caption, but was struggling to come up with something. The same goes for the hashtags I used. The video should play automatically as default.

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