Final Semester 1 Post: RAY OF LIGHT

4 June


By now, I feel as drained as a sink – mentally tired and physically exhausted. These past 4 months have really taken it out of me: with full-time study, moving states, getting a new job, finding a house to live in, and just the overall adjustment to my new life. I have no regrets, however, as I am loving the course, loving my new life and am really excited for the future. I begin this final post by linking to five blog posts that I believe demonstrate my engagement with the course the best whilst depicting my enjoyment:

Media One Lectorial 1: A Reflection

Merrin (vs.?) Mason



Media One Lectorial 8: Crescendoing Clap For Dan

In these blog posts, I write about many aspects of the course including: lectorial learnings; a deconstruction and comparison of two readings; my alternate opinion on Wikipedia collaboration; my in-the-moment epiphany of the soundscape at the Yarra River beside the Arts Centre; and my readings of a short film within a lectorial setting. The following ‘learning graph’ is relative to my understandings and knowledge garnered throughout the duration of Media One throughout the first semester:

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 8.14.48 pm


Throughout the semester, my learning of media-making grew consistently up until week 11 whereby I attended my final lectorial. As seen in the graph, I obviously have thought more critically and creatively about my work as the semester went along. The purple line indicates a negative connotation however this is not the case: I did not understand the importance of my blog in the middle weeks as I believed it was purely for enjoyment and was not going to be part of my final submission. Oh how I was wrong. All in all, I can say confidently that I have enjoyed this semester and look forward to next’s.

I have learned a lot in Media One this semester and have thoroughly enjoyed both learning about and creating my own media work. Drawing on my prior knowledge of media-making, I have increased my ability to think creatively and critically about the work that I made in media. In discussion with a friend, I have also learned that I need to not apologise for the work that I envision or create; I am the God-like figure for my creations and they have been formulated intentionally and astutely. I have also learned, most of all, that media texts are more pervasive in modern cultures and society then we can comprehend.

I have been asked, for this final blog post, to outline ‘how I learn’. HA. I have sniggered at this question all day. To be very honest with you and myself, I learn by not learning. I am a serial procrastinator and do not pay attention when necessary and definitely do not listen to the best of my ability. I learn by teaching myself. This, I realise, is ridiculous and definitely not going to get me anywhere in life. So, therefore, I am making a conscious effort next semester to purge the distractions from my aura and focus on the imperative in my life: studying media at RMIT (as well as spend copious time with my special someone).

The thing that I have found most challenging about this course is relative to any course I could have studied: self direction. I thrive off of self direction however, due to my procrastinatory excellence, this self direction comes at the last moment; at inopportune times. So definitely the motivation and effort I must garner to travel into the city each day for university study is the most challenging aspect relative to me studying. If I must determine a challenge of the Media One course, I would probably pick being at an age whereby anything intellectually stimulating I create will be considered controversial. I have many interesting ideas for media work and art that I wish to one day create; today is not the day.

I have discovered, about my own creative practice, that regularly I am too ‘postmodern’. This pisses me off but is something that I will have to live with because I am not changing myself for anybody. Postmodernity is something that makes a lot of sense to me and is a discourse that I enjoy rather a lot. So the thing that I have discovered will be something that I delve into regularly in the future. Let’s see where my mind takes us.


21 February


Zac's White Night 2015

This image, whilst edited to increase colours and shadows, sums up perfectly my ideas on art and media in mainstream culture. Popular culture’s famous Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (1865) is a canonical text that is pervasive across multiple artistic mediums in society. My Vincent van Gogh ‘The Starry Night’ t-shirt fits harmoniously into the image as it highlights art’s and pop-culture’s prevalence in society and media. I am both in admiration of the art and an art piece myself simultaneously. Art, in this instance, can be considered media due to the projections on the city buildings and my t-shirt depicting a well regarded piece.

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