Media One Practical 9: Refinement

14 May

In this week’s practical Media One class, we further worked on developing our next assignment: Project Brief 4. After a group conversation regarding the research we each did last week, Monaliza, Sasha and I spent the second half of the class refining our ideas and working out a schedule for the upcoming weeks. We have, unfortunately, decided against focusing on youth culture and drug and alcohol culture in our media artefact however we are very definitive on exploring the representation of self-identity in a growing social media culture. To be created in postmodernity through a visual-art photography piece, it will be supported by our research on Freud’s Psychoanalytical theories. We have determined the amount of work each group member will do over the next week to ensure that by Media One’s tenth practical class we are on top of the work. We have also discussed social opportunities to meet up and spend time together which is ace.


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