Media One Practical 8: Development

7 May

In this week’s Media One practical, practically, we were practical about text practices. Obviously I am procrastinating from writing anything worth the time to read but I will attempt captivation. This lesson involved getting together with our groups (for me – Monaliza, Sasha and myself) and talking through our research for Project Brief 4. Between the three of us, we have plenty of academic source materials to sift through for the theory aspect of the project. After a discussion with Dan (always enjoyable), we had an inspirational epiphany on the artefact we would create. The three of us are definite on creating a physical artefact for the project – filled with sexuality, postmodernity, and psychoanalytical discourses: all the good stuff! Things are beginning to look up. Perhaps the universe has said, “You know what, we have had our fun. Is it time to stop with the fire and let the burns heal?”

On a side note (kind of), I am absolutely loving the course. I have had this goal in mind for several years and to finally live it is incredible. I have achieved amazing results this first semester so it definitely goes to show that perseverance and determination are the two most important mindsets for achievement. I look forward to what the future brings. Is the future predetermined? Is the future down to chance? Is the future irrelevant? I don’t know what I think at the moment. All I know is that I am very excited to see how Monaliza’s, Sasha’s and my project turns out.

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