Media One Practical 7: This Is Going To Be Fucked Up

30 April


PROJECT BRIEF 4. Capitals was a necessary textual function for the commencement of this post. I am THAT excited for Project Brief 4; I feel elated. Sasha, Monaliza and I are very driven and motivated for this assignment. We have similar interests and are similarly inappropriate and ‘unprofessionally sexual’: I love it. This assignment is going to turn out the way we want it to – high quality, controversial, provocative, and explicit. Moving to Melbourne I had hoped that I would meet friends like my ones back home, where I feel really comfortable talking about anything and exploring ‘explicit’ subjects. This next assignment is going to be GROUSE and I know it. I need to be more positive and optimistic so I am going to have high hopes for this assessment. With high hopes comes high marks.

Our topic is Media ‘Texts’. That is it; a broad subject really. Sasha, Monaliza and I had a lot to discuss and a lot of ideas to sift through. We have mutually agreed that we wish to explore Youth Culture, Popular Culture, and Drug and Alcohol Culture in our work. But how to do this through ‘Texts’? What is a Media text? Basically it is anything through an aspect of media that intends to convey an idea, message, meaning and so on. Sasha, Monaliza and I are very interested in postmodernity, psychoanalysis and sexuality. We really want to explore disjointed narratives, implicit and underlying meanings, and intense psychoanalytical textual analysis. I am looking forward to this project and working with great minds.

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