Media One Lectorial 5: Understanding Academic Writing

31 March


Week 5’s readings centred around the notion of ‘collaboration’ and what the term means in the media and social-media industries. Due to this topic being pushed backwards to Week 6, however, I will discuss the readings in next week’s lectorial post.

Week 5’s lectorial focused on academic writing and in particular, comprehension of it through structured reading and writing practices. Something that stood out for me was the following phrase:

Skimming is a necessary/legitimate step of doing it ‘properly’ (not an indication that you can’t!)

To the people who question my reading speed, take that! Skimming an academic chapter/ article is a proper way of reading and understanding academic writing. Comprehending the structure, visual clues and functions of academic writing, the purpose and meaning of the writing can be easily understood.

On a side note, a discussion on Project Brief 3 was generated again and everybody was discussing their ideas and how they have pre-interviewed their selected persons for their portrait over the mid-semester break… I have not yet decided on a subject. Perhaps procrastination could be my subject? Food for thought. I have several ideas in mind and will have to get a move on obviously.

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