Media One Lectorial 4: Editing

24 March


Week 4. Trying to get my head around that. This week’s focus in Media One revolves around editing in film and media. The reading – Scott McCloud’s ‘Blood in the Gutter’ from Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art – augmented the focus on editing and focused on the conceptual ideas at “the core of the edit”. I really enjoyed the reading as its ideas on meaning lying “between the panels” was complimented by Liam Ward’s presentation on the similar ideas on film and television. He spoke of an edit “breaking down the components” creating meaning and unintentional breaking of components should not be disregarded entirely. The notion that editing completely changes meaning is both correct and interesting. The six different types of panel-to-panel cuts in comics written by Scott can be brought over to Liam’s meaning-making through editing views on film and media.

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