Media One Lectorial 2: Noticing Media – Queen Victoria Village

10 March


Week Two in Media One revolved around ‘noticing’ media in public spaces and my focus in Lectorial 2 was particularly on the Queen Victoria Village in Melbourne’s CBD. Being acutely aware of the various types of media surrounding me (signs, screens, newspapers, loudspeaker announcements), I was overwhelmed by the gargantuan amount of explicit agenda exposed to me.

QV 1QV 2QV 3


These three images were taken by myself throughout the Queen Victoria Village: the first image is the QV official sign and directory on the corner of Swanston St and Little Lonsdale St; the second is a walkway inside the building where signs from each shop overhang the walkway; and the third is taken outside in the QV courtyard eatery. As seen by these three images, I was surrounded by signage wherever I walked and wherever I looked. Is it beneficial or detrimental to live in a society where so much media surrounds us? Noticing the intentions of public media, I believe, is a primary objective that should be undertaken by everyone so as to not come under influence by media sorcery.

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