18 March


For Media One’s first project, we had to undertake a self-reflection and investigation for our very own self-portraits. I have thought a lot about this and have been tossing up what I would include in my self-portrait. After deliberation, I have chosen to display aspects of myself more personal and more hidden than my surface representation. Yes, there are aspects of myself that I have not considered adding which brings the following question to mind: can a self-portrait really present a ‘whole’ of an essence? I disagree due to subjectivity of one’s own insecurities. Therefore, I may in the future attempt to add to my self-portrait but for now here are aspects of myself that I consider to embody ‘me’.


My first image is entitled Journey and is explicitly a portrayal of my recent inter-state move to Melbourne to study Media and pursue my dreams in Film.


Confronting and raw, the second image in my self-portrait collection is entitled Insecurities. Taken in a familiar place, Insecurities personifies my anxieties and self-doubts through habitual nail-biting.

Gradual Felicity

Gradual Felicity, my third image of self, is an unintentional intentional shot. Light and dark, Yin and Yang, are polar dualities that I find strength and balance in. Gradual Felicity’s intrusion of white into black symbolises my endeavour to feel happier and let optimism outweigh pessimism one day.


My final image for my self-portrait is entitled Imminence and is a public illustration of personal circumstance. A depiction of privacy, apprehension, sensation and climax.

My first of two videos for my self-portrait project is entitled Backwards and has purposefully been uploaded in low resolution. Backwards shows forward-pacing motion, ironically presenting confusion and haste.

Fittingly, Forward is the title of my second self-portrait video. My intention with Forward is to illustrate my unconventional movements from untroubled norms to precarious perspectives.

My first audio piece is entitled 1 and represents the often unattributed part of myself that enjoys solitary, contemplation and silence.

My second audio piece is entitled 2 and is a personal and intimate part of my self-portrait. I will leave this one open for interpretation.

I do not want to live vicariously; I am my own essence. My eyes disregard alien entities and search for the missing part of my what-seems-like-forever distorted entirety. I am on a journey; though I clutch to the wind. Clair de lune est le Soleil.

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