Seminar Blog Post #2

As per any group project, it seems like everything is falling apart at the last minute. David, our host, is trying to bail, we have an extra guest with no content made for him, the run sheet revealed a handful of roles that weren’t being filled, and everyone’s stressed and tired. Honestly, we’ll be fine. Browsing through the Facebook group reveals at least three people who’d be more than happy to step into the role of host should David make a run for it, the only loss would be the introduction video, which we would still probably play, considering how impressive it is.

I’m not at all excited for this, even though it’s gonna go fine. I didn’t expect to be made the computer operator, and I don’t even understand how to control the scenes. What’s even going on them and when? Originally, I was to be the lowly time-keeper, though honestly, what would I be doing then?

The quality of the pre-production work is very impressive. The introduction video is amazing, and the green screen work is flawless. Even if David leaves, we’ll have to show this as our opening, it would be horrible for Georgia and Jenny if we turfed it at this stage, and it’s clear that so much work has gone into it.

The threat of David leaving forced a bit of a rift in the group, as there was blame to throw around. In the end the blame kinda fell on David, as there was evidence that he was informed of the show well before now, and it looks like he’s still on board. It was surprising that there hasn’t been more disagreements, especially after the blow-out between Jenny and Max earlier in the process.

I’ve had issues collaborating with Regina, our schedules just don’t seem to sync up. In the end, she handled the first draft of the run sheet, which I then reformatted into a different layout and added specific timings. Apart from that, most of my contribution has been assisting Jess with her many, many (too many) tasks, and giving input in the Facebook group.

The issues with collaboration have given me a few ideas about how I’d have organised things. Jess’ insistence on calling people was great, and lead to some good results. The Facebook group is good for keeping track of everyone, but a phone call works great for making sure things get done. With a group this size, proper communication is necessary to keep track of everything. I noted a few times when certain tasks would be re-assigned without anyone telling Jess, so she would call the wrong person or assume that someone else would do something. Organising David was a fine example of this, so when he started having all these issues, it was strange that they were discovered by Tiana, who had been given a different responsibility.


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