Summer Food Truck Stop

Well the end of semester is nigh, which means that projects and assignments are getting finished up! Thankfully our TV group in Broadcast Media have just finished our TV project, which is a nice feeling! So I thought I’d post it up on my blog.


Our show is based on the format of Coxy’s Big Break, and we focused on the food truck scene around Melbourne that is steadily rising in popularity. We had a great time filming down in Yarraville, and it was great to meet some of the owners of the food trucks. They are fantastic people who really just wanna make good food, meet people, and create a good vibe around the place. And I reckon they’re doing a pretty good job of it!


So here’s out clip:

ps. the food was pretty good too!


Check out Venessa’s post on Facebook’s Look Back film function, an enjoyable read!



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