Week 5 Seminar

With two of our guests confirmed, I completed the script intro for David Delmenico and gathered questions from others in our team (mainly Max, since he knew the guests personally). I was able to collate a draft copy of a script and posted it in our group so everyone could have a look and give suggestions. Writing the script required a little research of each of the guests so I could ask them questions personally tailored to their professions and a little bit of research on the history of Television. I won’t be able to properly finish off the script until the third guest is confirmed.

In this weeks meeting I suggested an audience guess-the-theme-song competition much like radio stations do (since I am a radio station nerd). My idea is to play snippets of 4 different theme songs and audience members can tweet in or write down the four songs in the order they play and who ever gets it write gets a prize. Someone suggested a competition where one audience member has a remote under their chair and if that’s you, you win. I think that sounds a little less interactive than the song competition. I think at this point we may be doing both.

After watching the first week (social media) present, I think the Graham Norton style seminar will work a lot better. Having our guests interact should be a lot more entertaining for both the guests and the audience (I hope!).

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