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Networked Media - Week 1
So, Hi. This is the first week of Networked Media. And this week we discussed the concept of 'blogging'. Admittedly, I'm not a huge "traditional blogger". But that got me thinking, in this world of us millennials being so consumed by social (More)
Network Media: Week 1 Post
So this week was the first week of classes and the first week of Network Media.   And yeah I'm a little bit like..   More)
WEEK ONE: Adrian Miles 'Blogs in Media Education: A Beginning'
(24/07/2018) Previous to being apart of the Networked Media class, my opinion of blogging was pretty limited. If I’m being completely honest, I thought the term ‘blogging’ was very old school and that they were exclusively owned by suburban housew (More)
#1: Blogs
There is a constant debate on whether or not blogs are considered social media but I feel like blogging is a thing that heavily influenced the idea of social media and how it started. Blogging existed before the technology of smartphones became widel (More)
If you take a page out of any screenplay and glance over it, it would seem pretty straightforward. There are headings describing setting and headings indicating which character is speaking. There is text describing actions and text telling us what th (More)
Week 1 - Reflection
How I came to be in Robin's 'Film Light' studio is actually quite an entertaining story. Maybe only entertaining to myself though? Essentially when I rocked up to the studio presentation day I ran into my old studio head Paul, and he said to me "Hey (More)
Time To Picture This
It’s the start of a new year and we got straight into the work in the Picture This! studio. This first week has been an eye-opener on all the basic knowledge that I lack in regards to screenwriting. Doing the reading on ‘Description’ by Robert McKe (More)
Prompt: I learned something in the studio that highlighted my previous experience/lack of previous experience with screenwriting… - On a scale from 'I have never read or touched a screenplay in my life' to 'I have decades of screenwriting exper (More)
I honestly feel like this blog is going to be just a long form version of my twitter. Paragraphs on paragraphs of writing instead of just: (referring to Lorde's new single ' (More)
Statement of Intent
Immer...sion~ Thanks to the evolution of media (mostly related to Internet?), these days we could be extremely easily to get immersed in different kind of stuff, such as being a binge-watcher at weekends as the emergence of VOD services, music had b (More)
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