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Blog Post - Week 1
First class at RMIT today. Networked Media is a pretty good class to have as an introduction to uni, even in this short amount of time I’ve already learned a bunch. The prescribed reading for this week had some really interesting insight into softwar (More)
Week 1 - Software Literacy
The first chapter of the book "Introduction: Software and other Literacies’ in Software Literacy: Education and Beyond, Springer, Singapore", by Khoo E, Hight C, Torrens R, Cowie B, explains why software and coding are notably important for the under (More)
Week 1 - From Cringe to Controlled
Cry For Help
I guess I should address the Elephant in the room, which in this case is this blog and why I'm even blogging in the first place. So for starters, Hi, I'm Daleen , 20 years old and I've just finished my first week of university at RMIT. Like a lot of (More)
Hyper And Deep Attention (Week 1)
My attention span can range from 5 seconds to 5 hours. Whether I'm using hyper or deep attention is a different story. It depends on the actual activity (More)
Welcome! (Week 1)
I would like to remind future Kelly to make the most of this space. I hereby pledge that Kelly will do all in her power to make this blog AMAZING. SPECTACULAR. UNCONTROVERSIAL, NEVERTHELESS, AS ENTERTAINING AS 2017 OSCARS! REACH FOR THE STARS! (More)
#1 Blog vs. Instagram
As a media student, I have learned that most media are just a variation or enhancement of already existing media types or platforms. Theatre becomes cinema. Radio turns into television. This happens almost always because of the technological developm (More)
Food on Film
My name is Joanna Danielle, I'm a 3rd year student in RMIT studying Communication (Media) and this semester I'm in the studio "Food on Film" by Kim Munro! When I saw the list of studios available to choose from this semester and saw one that will (More)
This class reminds me of Broadcast Media (which infinitely stressed me out) but, where that class was learning about the history of radio and television broadcasting, this class is about the Internet and social media (Instagram, specifically). In (More)
Week 1: On Blogging and Book Reviews
In Year 8 and 9, I read a lot of book blogs. Some were blogs by the authors themselves but most were review blogs. Despite the fact I wrote book reviews, I never made my own blog. "Too much effort," I said. Yet, five years later, here we are. (More)
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