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Power and the Passion
The power of the passion that one has to pursue something they believe they should be doing is quite strong, and in the reading it is quite interesting to delve into the idea of the passion mindset and the craftsman mindset.  “Be so good they can’t (More)
MICF - My Picks
This year's been creeping up so quickly, already up to the point in the year where you can walk into a venue in the CBD and see a decent funny person make you laugh sporadically for about an hour, and I can definitely get around that My picks for (More)
What makes a blog?
I guess that was something we were dealing with in the workshop, and to be honest I don't really know, just discussing what blogs are and someone was reading aloud some words they had written previously and they were embarassed which is interesting b (More)
Mark of the Century
I felt a little obliged, when given an assessment to create an edited creative self-portrait, due at a time that coincided with the opening round of the AFL Season, to make a football related creative se (More)
survival tips?
Editing this footage from last weeks Tutorial I was intrigued in the sense that I felt like it really accentuated the things I needed to improve in my filmmaking, in like (More)
en man som heter Ove
I feel like I’ve been watching more movies than I ever have as of recently, like when I wasn’t studying in the city it felt like a bit of a stretch to venture out to Nova on my days off, but now that I go to RMIT even though I’m not at uni it feels f (More)
guy loses his myki you WONT BELIEVe what happens next
I quite enjoyed the production exercise in this weeks tute, but feel like every week I kind of wish we maybe knew what we were going to be doing before the tutorial began, so like it was upon us to preemptively pool together ideas and be expected to (More)
so you think you can theroux?
This weeks lecture and readings were all cannon fodder to really think about the nature of interviews, and how in a way the interviewer and the relevant parties usually have all of the power, in the way that they are the ones that ask the questions, (More)
ending the monotony of interviews
This interview lectorial just had me thinking of interviews, especially in pop culture, specifically how most interviews these days can frustrate celebrities so much due to the monotonous nature of them all. It kind of frustrates me too, to say have (More)
N ew S ecurities A ppliances??
i feel a little uneasy about the thought that yeah, i may not have any privacy at all, and the words i'm currently typing could perhaps be being tracked by some unknown third party, at the very least the government is tracking that at this point in t (More)
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