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This study of placelessness and placeness was particularly intriguing to me, as my first project was so sentimental and personal. I chose to explore the Dandenong Ranges and find a place that provided me with sanctuary, despite the fact that I had no (More)
This project was incredibly humbling in a sense that I never anticipated it to be. Looking at my "home in the world" from different perspective was fascinating; I inhabit this space and engage with it constantly but rarely do I ever take a step back (More)
Communicating Brand Narrative: Brand Equity Diagnosis
Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger are two iconic high-end fashion brands that operate internationally, which has made them subject to Adaptation (Customisation) Globalisation. This indicates that there is a varied marketing mix that changes with l (More)
deep... dish pizza?
Reading this weeks reading regarding deep attention and hyper attention was rather intriguing, because while skimming through it as I picked up a piece of paper whilst walking through the class, I didn't finish it. Then when we were prompted to read (More)
musings of movies past
So I watched Trainspotting 2 on Tuesday night and was pretty intrigued by the entire experience, in that the way it was done that was so incredibly nostalgic, and a call back, but also so telling of I guess what it is like to go through an addiction. (More)
self portraits
It was interesting seeing in class how everyone decided to do their creative self-portraits, whether it be with the use of proper gear and how that was applied in context with everything else, and thought it was really quite an interesting glimpse in (More)
down down
This weeks reading essentially pushes us to make sense of the exercise we did during the lectorial, to ascertain how we assess media and what media in fact means to us. What has been intriguing me a lot lately is genuine full on artist and advertisem (More)
I guess all I can say is that I really like squash (More)
Wild Imagination
I found the reading as a bit of a cohesive way to really make more sense of editing, contextualising something i tend to really do with mostly intuition and hardly any knowledge. Especially editing in such a way that fits in with the way our brains w (More)
Dreamer (feat. Starrah)
I convinced my food-eating friend to check out this falafel place with me some time last week, which we did do, on the way realising the new Charli XCX mixtape is actually pretty massive. But once we got there, even though the hummus plate was slight (More)
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