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Assignment 4: Links
  Week Seven More)
Week Seven: Story & Structure
PART A   I think one of the things I generally overlook is definitely characters within stories, and how a strongly developed character can really influence the power within film and documentary. So I really liked the Illustrated Radio (20 (More)
The Social Impact Producer
The Social Impact Producer – Behind the scenes When creating film and media that has a social impact, producers will need to consider factual information and the impact on those involved with the film making.  Firstly, all information needs to be we (More)
Translating Observation - The Future is Radio Reflection
At the culmination of a semester's worth of observational writing and reflecting, this final video project felt very much like the conclusion of a journey. By exploring observational writing over several months, the aspects of filmic potential from e (More)
Translating Observation Final Assignment Links
http://www.mediafactory.org.au/darcy-read/2019/05/28/translating-observation-reflection-week-9/ http://www.mediafactory.org.au/darcy-read/2019/05/28/translating-observation-reflection-week-10/ http://www.mediafactory.org.au/darcy-read/2019/05/2 (More)
Translating Observation - How Do you Like Your Eggs? Reflection
Assisting on Ellie's project was a great experience working on a well constructed set where we could manipulate every element like lighting and set design to create a consistent visual style, and not becoming trapped by what the location had to offer (More)
Studio Website Content
Observation A light breeze washes over the few people leisurely sitting on the pier, waves crashing on the old wooden poles, the slight sound of hungry seagulls hovering in the distance. The warm and welcome April sun beams down onto the small col (More)
Translating Observation - Reflection Week 12
In the final week of the semester most of my time went into the editing process of my video project. By filming the beginning and end sequences of the project early, I was able to start assembling the video quickly and use it as a reference for the r (More)
Translating Observation - Reflection Week 11
We spent two days shooting Ellie's video and it was the professional feeling set i've worked on. We hired a lot of equipment as the video had a very sp (More)
Translating Observation - Reflection Week 10
Having a one on one meeting with Robin was a great chance to pitch my video idea to him, as I've always felt my strongest creative ideas are ones I was not just confident to explain to someone, but actually excited to do. Robin was definitely interes (More)
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